TB is a pillar of the cutlery tradition in France, with a history spanning five centuries. This longevity is a reflection of its commitment to excellence, the artisanal mastery which preceded the most advanced technicality. TB doesn't just follow industry standards; it establishes them. With a dedicated team of passionate designers, engineers and technicians, TB Outdoor creates knives and cutting tools that meet the specific needs of its customers with precision and expertise.

These products are proudly made in France by our high-quality collaborators, near Thiers. All our products are the result of a combination of tradition and technology, ensuring that TB Outdoor remains at the forefront of the cutlery industry not only in France, but wherever our customers choose our products to accompany them in the the most demanding environments.

Supplier to the French Army

Utilisé par les armées françaises

Tarrerias-Bonjean is recognized for its expertise in all technologies related to cutlery. As a supplier to the French Army, it has demonstrated its commitment to producing superior quality knives, adapted to the specific needs of armies in many areas of operations around the world. This expertise is even a "tradition" which has been demonstrated for more than 30 years by the supply of specific knives to the French Army.

"Bivouac®" was provided from 1996 and until its replacement by the "Baroudeur®" model in 2001. In 2018, the "C.A.C.®" model (Combat Assistance Campagne) was added to the standard equipment for soldiers of Land Force. These knives, shaped with precision and mastery, reflect the unique know-how and reputation of TB Outdoor in the cutlery industry that you too can experience on a daily basis.

Lame drop point
Affutage facile
Tranchant 35°


Acier Mox® Coupe lisse

Grip / Surface de bâtonnage

Un centre de gravité parfait

Manche extra plat

Pour drisse ou dragonne