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Discover Maraudeur®, a high-end Bushcraft and survival knife. Entirely made in France, Maraudeur® is equipped with a robust MOX® stainless steel blade known for its exceptional durability and resistance to wear.

Depending on the version, the handle is either covered in Paracord 550®, guaranteeing a safe and comfortable grip even in the most extreme humidity conditions, or in G10, whose robust qualities are unanimously recognized.

The stunning black PVD finish provides additional protection against corrosion, while removing any stray reflections.

But Maraudeur® is not limited to these characteristics. It is also equipped with an effective window breaker for emergency situations, and its Kydex sheath delivered with the knife is compatible with the MOLLE® system. This allows you to easily attach it to your gear, vest or backpack for quick and easy access.

The Maraudeur® is more than just a Bushcraft knife. It is a reliable and versatile tool, designed to accompany you on all your outdoor adventures. Whatever the situation, you can count on the Maraudeur® to help you get through it.

Personalize your knife with a first name, a text and make your Maraudeur® a unique knife!

Handle Material: G10
Color: Red
Microdenture: Serrated
Ref. : 11060010

Technical specifications

(in grs)


Hardness (HRC)


Type of cut


Sharpening angle
(Per side in °)




Double drilling

On blade heel for attachment to the handle of a spear

Window breaker

on the heel of the knife


Survival cord


micro-serration over 3.7 cm for cutting thick straps

The story of the Maraudeur®

Initially developed for special forces, MARAUDEUR® is a knife of remarkable versatility.
This 24 cm long dagger is made of high-end MOX® steel which gives it a unique cutting resistance greater than twice the market standards (58 HRC +/-1). This steel has a carbon content greater than 1% and more than 18% chromium making it extremely resistant and stainless.

Like most TB Outdoor knives, Maraudeur® is very customizable. The blade is common to all versions. Sleeves can be interchanged, replaced or disassembled.
Maraudeur® is delivered in a very beautiful transport box and with its directly custom-formed Kydex sheath.

The Maraudeur® is manufactured in our workshops in Thiers, this Bushcraft and survival knife has a very robust full tang blade in MOX® stainless steel with exceptional performance. The "trigger" under the handle allows a secure grip even under extreme stress, with maximum comfort.

The black PVD coating ensures very high resistance to wear and corrosion. The black color chosen contributes to the reduction of the visual signature.

All parts are carefully machined with particularly fine tolerances. The cutting edges are made with 6-axis robots guided by laser sensors. The handles are made at the machining center, the markings are applied by Laser, the screws are made to measure in CN and the assembly is meticulously carried out by our craftsmen.

The braiding of the handle in military grade Paracord 550® (minimum breaking strength 250 kg), ensures a soft, comfortable and secure grip in all conditions.
Breaks windows on the heel of the knife.
Designed for the installation of pads (3X Ø5 mm).
The Maraudeur® blade is identical on all models.
It is possible to interchange G10 and Paracord pads.

The Maraudeur® Blade®:

The edge of the Maraudeur® is mixed (smooth and serrations, a smooth version without serrations is also available). The blade is coated with a very resistant and anti-reflective black PVD coating. The handling of the Maraudeur® is exceptional! Its “trigger”, as effective as a traditional guard, is also more discreet and less heavy. Maraudeur® also features a formidable window breaker at the rear of the full tang.
The two holes on either side of the guard allow you to pass the Paracord in order to mix this knife on a stick or simply hold it back and forth to hold the knife without having to tighten the handle. The back of the blade has a thumb retention area. This area can also be used to scrub a Firesteel.

Paracord® 550 handle

Braided Paracord has the advantage of negligible weight while ensuring effective handling, particularly in humid environments or in contact with perspiration. Its breaking strength is exceptional (>250 kgs). It can be used for all types of purposes once removed from the blade. Available in Coyote and Black.

G10 handle

The handles are machined with extreme precision and provide the volume and grip necessary for the most demanding uses. Handle plates are also available as accessories and can be purchased separately to replace paracord®. Available in Khaki, Black and Red.


1. Smooth cut and serrations section
2. Window breaker on the heel
3. Hole for wrist strap or paracord & attachment to spear handle
4. Double drilling for attachment to spear handle
5. Ergonomic grips for the thumb or for firelighter use (not supplied)
6. Handle with 550 type 3 paracord or G10 finish


Regularly maintain the edge of your blade before it becomes too damaged. Maintain factory-set sharpening angles that ensure efficient cutting. There are a variety of products available for sharpening your knife. Choose the one you are most comfortable with to carry out this operation. It is possible to reform the serrations with a diamond file. However, given the hardness of steel, it is likely that you will never have to do this.