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The organization of the international Air Raid 2019 exercise was entrusted to the BA 942 Captain Jean Robert de Lyon Mont Verdun. The objective of this exercise was to validate the military skills of the Air Force personnel and to develop ties between active personnel and members of the military reserve. To achieve this, the regulations required that each team be composed of at least two reservists and at least one active-duty personnel. TB-OUTDOOR is particularly proud to have contributed in its own way to the success of this great event through the development of the S-NECK® neck knife, of which a copy was given to each of the 500 participants during these wonderful days.

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Technical specifications

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Tanto form


Engraved steel with a pattern. Offers the possibility of braiding paracord

The history of the S-Neck®

The neck knife called “S-NECK®” has a story that we love at TB-OUTDOOR.

In 2018, the organizers of Air-Raid contacted TB-OUTDOOR to ask us if we would be interested in creating a specific knife given to all participants of the 2019 edition of AIR RAID taking place on Air Base 942 Lyon Mont Verdun.

A great opportunity for our company to highlight its capabilities in developing quality products for our armed forces! We also loved the AIR RAID approach and its primary goal while actively participating in the 20th anniversary of this great adventure.

What is AIR RAID?

This exercise aims to validate the military skills of Air Force personnel but also to develop links between active personnel and members of the military reserve. To do this, the regulations require that each team be composed of at least two reservists and at least one active personnel. For the participating teams, this is not a walk in the park. For 2 days without sleep, the teams compete through around sixty workshops and a night raid around the base. Combat rescue and first aid are also on the menu for this “sporty” weekend.

For this anniversary edition, 42 teams (37 French, 2 German, 1 Belgian, 1 Canadian and 1 Swiss) set out to tackle a 36-hour raid made up of 58 events. First aid, aeronautical history, grenade throwing, EOD, FRG2 shooting, game hunting, aquatic course, night walking, bear cage, escape course, implementation of transmissions... so many workshops in varied disciplines requiring all the skills and knowledge of the competitors in addition to highlighting the values ​​of every aviator: agility, precision, mutual aid, audacity and passion.

The S-NECK® knife

S-NECK® is pronounced SNAKE, like snake in English. This knife is tattooed on the back and can be used perfectly as is with its Kydex sheath molded to the shape of the blade. To attach the case around your neck, you have 2 meters of Paracord available upon delivery which can be cut to the desired length. This Paracord can also be used to braid the handle to make use more comfortable. The total length of Paracord supplied is 2 meters. This is enough to braid the handle (approximately 1.15m) and to make the neck circumference with the remaining length (85cm).

Steel and blade sharpness

The knife was made from high quality stainless steel, so it is not very sensitive to corrosion. The heat treatment gives it great hardness and therefore great rigidity. The “Tanto” type edge originally used on ancestral Japanese swords for its optimal penetration power also contributes to this rigidity. We wanted this choker to have a “face”… we are very happy with the result.


1. Tanto-shaped blade (strong penetration)
2. Finger loop
3. Hole for wrist strap or paracord
4. Ergonomic grip / for firelighter use (not supplied)


Regularly maintain the edge of your blade before it becomes too damaged. Maintain factory-set sharpening angles that ensure efficient cutting. There are a variety of products available for sharpening your knife. Choose the one you are most comfortable with to carry out this operation. The can opener can also be sharpened on a water tool.