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This legendary knife took over from the no less legendary Bivouac® knife. It was the official field knife of our soldiers from 2001 to 2017. If the Bivouac® has made its reputation for its simplicity of construction and its patented system for fixing cutlery on both sides of the handle, this "Campaign Knife", so named for having followed our soldiers in all operational campaigns around the world, features a more robust construction. Its blade is blocked by a precisely machined Liner Lock. It still has the essential functions, a sharp blade that is effective in all situations, a can opener, a corkscrew, large cutlery and a carrying case.

Baroudeur® will have to be withdrawn and will no longer be manufactured. While stocks last, this knife will become a real collector's item.

Take advantage while there is still time!

Personalize your knife with a first name, a text and make your Baroudeur® a unique knife!

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The aesthetics and functionality of this knife were largely defined by the army services, through the SCA (Central Army Service). TB took charge of shaping these requirements, as well as the mechanical development and manufacturing, respecting particularly rigorous specifications.

Compared to the Bivouac®, the Baroudeur® is more resistant, but also heavier. The cutlery is still included with the knife, but it is no longer attached to the knife. Locking is ensured using a Liner-lock, the reliability of which is ensured by precise manufacturing using high-precision machining machines. Additionally, it is possible to open the knife with one hand... as long as you are right-handed.

Baroudeur® is the first knife to benefit from numerically controlled machines, as well as laser cutting machines, allowing large-scale manufacturing with increased regularity and reliability.

With the announced end of its production, Baroudeur® will mark the history of soldiers' equipment. To date, it is the knife that has accompanied our soldiers the longest. There's still time to buy this piece of history!