CAC safety axis for after-sales service or replacement

Sale price13,50 €

THE CAC® Official selection of the Army

This knife is a true concentrate of all the cutting-edge technologies that one would expect from an operational knife.

The blade is made of Nitrox®, can be chosen in Mixed (smooth + tightening) or Smooth version. The knife has different variations, with or without strap cutter, with or without corkscrew in PA6 or G10 handle

Weight: 195g
Blade length: 85mm
Total length closed:

The version of the CAC currently supplied to the army, with blade marking and coyote handle, is not available for sale.
Knife sold without Forks and without sheath.

Ref. : Acce1060009

The installation is extremely simple and is done by screwing with a screwdriver or a simple 10 cent coin. In stainless steel, it is not afraid to be used in difficult conditions.
Stainless steel
Easy positioning / Screwing by coin / Maximum security
The solid stainless steel safety pin for the CAC pocket knife allows the blade to be held in the open position without the blade release mechanism being able to be activated.