The Protecteur

Livraison : 3 à 6 semaines

TB Groupe, supplier to the French Army for over 20 years

The Protecteur®, officially selected by ALAT (Aviation Légère Armée Terre), is used by the flight crews of French combat helicopters. Philippe Perotti made the first sketches of this dagger which has a symmetrical double-edged blade (smooth & serrations). Its sharp and penetrating blade must allow a pilot to extricate himself very quickly in an emergency situation. Its blade effectively cuts thick straps or cables (serrations) and its penetrating ability also allows it to work wonders in multiple situations. . Knife delivered with its Kydex sheath without molle attachment.

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A military knife with a double-edged blade

Its sharp and penetrating double-edged blade (serrated & straight-edge) was created for rapidly cutting straps in emergency situations. Its discreet size makes it an excellent back-up knife while its full tang blade, made of MOX® stainless steel, offers exceptional performance. The black PVD coating provides both functional and aesthetic qualities – it is highly wear and corrosion resistant and gives the knife a rather aggressive look. Its black color also increases its ability to camouflage. The fiberglass-reinforced polyamide handle can stand up to the toughest situations.

Features of the Made in France Protecteur® military knife

- Designers: Philippe PEROTTI / TB Groupe
- Action: Fixed blade
- Steel: MOX® (59-61 HRC)
- Overall length: 21.5 cm
- Blade length: 10.0 cm
- Length when closed: N/A
- Blade thickness: 3.5 mm
- Handle thickness: 13.4 mm
- Weight: 122 g


Data sheet

1.4 cm
Total Length
215 mm
Poids produit avec accessoires
166 grs
Blade length
11 cm
4 mm
Handle length
10.7 cm

Dommage pour le pack

Un couteau parfait pour la défense personnelle et pour faire l'appoint pour le bushcraft. La poignée de 10,5 cm est très agréable en main mais un peu limite pour les grosses paluches comme les miennes. <br /> <br /> Un vrai point négatif par contre, le couteau n'est pas livré avec les passants MOLLE pour l'étui Kydex. Si il est possible d'avoir une offre pour acheter le couteau avec le tout ça serait super.

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