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The Protecteur® , officially selected by ALAT (Army Light Aviation), is used by French combat helicopter crews. Philippe Perotti created the initial sketches for this dagger, which features a symmetrical double-edged blade (smooth & serrated). Its sharp and penetrating blade is designed to allow a pilot to quickly extricate themselves in an emergency situation. Its blade effectively cuts through thick straps or cables (serrated) and its penetrating ability also makes it incredibly versatile. The knife is delivered with its Kydex sheath but without MOLLE attachment.

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Double cut

Steel engraved with a pattern. Offers the possibility of braiding paracord

The story of Protecteur®

Protecteur®, officially selected by ALAT (Aviation Légère Armée Terre), is used by the flight crews of French combat helicopters to extricate themselves in the event of an emergency. The blade (with a formidable double razor edge) is overmolded in an electrically non-conductive handle that is strong enough to break windows and windshields.

Protecteur® is delivered in a very beautiful transport box and with a directly custom-formed Kydex sheath.

The blade

This dagger has a symmetrical double-edged blade (smooth & serrations). Its sharp and penetrating blade should allow a pilot to escape very quickly in an emergency situation. It cuts thick straps or cables (clamps) effectively and its penetration ability also allows it to work wonders in multiple situations.

Protecteur® is a backup knife allowing multifunctional use. Its reduced size allows it to be worn in multiple configurations: arm, boot, belt, etc.
Made from MOX® stainless steel, Protecteur® has excellent corrosion resistance, which is essential in a marine environment. Its black PVD coating further reinforces this protection.

Made up of a full-tang blade overmolded with fiberglass-filled polymer, its resistance is exeptional. The black color used on all components helps reduce the visual signature while giving it an aggressive aesthetic look.

Protecteur® also has an effective safety guard whether used with bare hands or with gloves. The handle, made of fiber material, provides excellent insulation. Its high impact resistance and its diamond-point rear shape make it an excellent window breaker.


1. Smooth cut and serrated section
2. Strap hole
3. Ergonomic grip


It is very easy to maintain the edge of Protecteur® due to its hardness around 55 HRC. Regularly maintain the edge of your blade before it becomes too damaged. Maintain factory-set sharpening angles that ensure efficient cutting. There are a variety of products available for sharpening your knife. Choose the one you are most comfortable with to carry out this operation. It is possible to reform the teeth of the serrations with a diamond file.