Le Vengeur

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Designed and manufactured entirely in our factory in France, this survival dagger developed on the basis of strict military specifications for the ALAT (Aircrew of the Army).

Full tang knife, PA6 FV handle.

Tanto-shaped blade 4mm thick, with partial grips. Secure port of the product via a press-stud system that secures the knife to its protective case.

A knife developed and designed to be 100% ambidextrous. Tactile polarizers on either side of the knife allow you to know its orientation even in complete darkness.

Knife delivered with protective case and accessories.

You can now personalize your blade with the text of your choice Customize blade with marking


The Vengeur® is the ultimate survival knife:

The Vengeur® allows you to get out of a vehicle following an accident or to help victims of an accident. The serrations of the blade allow to cut safety straps, seat belts, …

The window breaker with a very substantial capacity (composed of a 4 mm tungsten carbide ball), makes it easy to overcome thick layers of glass or plexiglass. (It has been studied to allow the extraction of a helicopter cockpit).

The robustness of the blade even makes it possible to cut the windshield of a vehicle as a last resort to extract the occupants.

The blade of the Le Vengeur® knife:

The blade developed for the Vengeur® is of the military type. It is reinforced with a thickness of 4mm in high-alloy MOX® steel and coated with anti-reflective black PVD and very scratch resistant. A hard blade gives resistance over time to a razor-sharp and extremely durable cut given by robotic sharpening. The hardness of the steel of the Vengeur® is measured at 58Hrc mini.

The blade has a double-sided sharpening, straight on both sides and on two different planes.
The Tanto shape has its origins in the Japanese swords of antiquity. It allows maximum penetration while maintaining excellent rigidity without the fragility of a traditional tip. In a survival situation, the blade makes it possible to do batonnage effectively.

Despite its great hardness, the cutting edge is very easy to maintain with the diamond plate provided and even in an emergency with a stone found in nature.

The serrations made at the base of the blade over 3.7 cm allow you to cut thick straps, ropes and overcome the most critical situations.

Second originality of the blade, we wanted to keep a smooth edge with a length of 1.5 cm near the guard of the knife in order to allow precision work on small objects (stripping a cable, cutting wood for example …).

The handle of the Le Vengeur® military knife:

The avenger®, full tang blade to ensure strength, is equipped with a PA6 handle made of 30% glass beads for maximum strength.

This product has a special safety system: it is impossible to remove the knife from the wearer if the knife is in its sheath. The knife and the sheath are joined together thanks to a snap button locking system: a snap button (male) on the sheath, a second (female) on the handle of the knife. To ensure ambidextrous use, but also to store it in its case more easily, the knife has a press stud on either side of the handle.

The handle is a concentrate of innovations. The window breaker unscrews and reveals a "firesteel". Screwed into the cavity of the handle, the firelighter remains attached to the knife in a completely sealed manner. The "firesteel" can be used with the toothed part located on the back of the blade to facilitate the creation of sparks to quickly start a fire.

The direction of use of the knife is immediately identifiable by touch. The recess that allows the positioning of the thumb is provided with a different texture depending on the direction of the knife. The feel of the texture present on both sides of this disbursement allows the wearer of the knife to instantly know which way the knife is pointing even in total darkness, whether they are wearing gloves or not.

We have not forgotten the possibility of using paracord®. The holes present on the window breaker, but also on the handle are provided to pass from the Paracord® 550 (carrying the knife around the neck, fixing the knife on a stick, ... all combinations are made possible).

The Avenger® case and its accessories.

The Vengeur® knife can be worn on the belt, on the thigh, on the arm or on the chest. The kydex sheath is designed to receive the knife in both directions (right-handed or left-handed). On the Kydex case, a pointed cavity allows the evacuation of water following immersion. The water present on the blade or in the case is evacuated with the draining point in the Kydex case.

The belt loop fitted as standard and delivered with the knife can be easily removed using two screws and a spacer (rubber spacer) according to your wishes. The Kydex sheath compatible with standard molle.

The knife comes with the following accessories:

1 X Tac Clip supplied with Screw and Spacer Tactical accessory, lockable. It can be fixed horizontally or vertically on the Kydex sheath. Allows the holster to be attached to belts, bags, tactical vests, etc. 2 internal clips allow it to be adjusted to the belt. It is also equipped with a safety device against accidental opening.

1 X small Kydex sheath attaches to the sheath of the knife, in the spirit of the survival specifications. Inside, there is a diamond sharpening plate, which can also be used as a flat screwdriver, in particular for screwing and unscrewing the various fastening and lashing elements.

1 X Molle Quick Kit: Installation of a quick removable molle kit. A fixed mounting point, another quick-attachment point that can be manipulated without tools.

1X Shockproof case allows the transport of the knife and all of its accessories.

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