Unboxer Marine nationale

Livraison : 1 à 3 semaines

Unboxer -Marine nationale< /span>

The French Navy & TB are combining their worlds to offer an Unboxer in two new versions: a navy blue handle and the French Navy logo affixed to the blade of the knife as well as a red handle and the French Navy logo national stamped on the blade of the knife. UNBOXER® is a closing knife, light and flat for extreme discretion. The unique operation of UNBOXER® lies in the innovative design of its blade. The mechanism eliminates the traditional spring and plates for maximum weight gain. The blade is perfectly held in the open and closed position.

Weight: 54g
Blade: 72mm
Length closed:

You can now personalize your blade with the text of your choice

Marking the blade of my knife


This system has been successfully tested on our test benches after more than 100,000 openings and closings. Another innovation, the clip can be assembled and disassembled without any tools. A simple pressure between the thumb and forefinger allows it to be positioned to the right or left of the ribs. You will also find a clamping system at the axis of the blade to adjust the force necessary to open and close it. The anti-rotation screw guarantees your choice of tightening over time.

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Data sheet

Total Length
18 cm
Longueur Totale Ouvert Fermé
110 mm
54 gr
Blade length
8 cm
3 mm
Type Lame
Handle length
11 cm
Angle d'affûtage
entre 30° et 34°