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The UNBOXER® knife was born from a simple idea. Create a closing knife, light, very flat so that it is discreet, but devilishly efficient, mechanical and clever. It is a real tool whose use quickly becomes addictive and whose Design is in direct continuity with other TB OUTDOOR products. The manufacturing of UNBOXER® is 100% French, carried out by a motivated team and proud of the products of their company.
The unique function of the UNBOXER® lies in the innovative design of its blade. The complex cutting of the blade heel, combined with the precise positioning of a fixed pin, ensures the function of the absent spring.In the closed position, the blade is held firmly in the handle to ensure maximum safety. In the open position the blade is blocked by an integrated forced notch system. As the blade is not locked it simply closes by exerting pressure as when using a conventional pocket knife. This mechanism eliminates the side plates and the spring. The substantial weight gain saves more than a third of the total weight of the same product in a conventional design. It took a lot of testing and validation to get the best performance. Mr. Yves NEVEUX, well known to pocket knife enthusiasts for the ingenuity of its mechanisms, is at the origin of this reflection. He actively participated in the development of UNBOXER® and its development. The mechanical resistance has been tested in real conditions and in the laboratory. We tested the opening and closing of the blade on a test bench over 100,000 times. After this test and days of patience, we found that the knife worked just as well as when it was first opened. UNBOXER® is designed to last!

unboxer lame transparence

The choice of materials is one of the keys to the success of the UNBOXER®. First of all, the blade is made of high-performance stainless steel. Nitrox® is a so-called “nitrogen doped” steel. The introduction of nitrogen during its formulation makes it possible to replace part of the carbon for better corrosion resistance while maintaining very high cutting capacities. The handle is made of polymer filled with injected glass fibers. The very high resistance of this material allows the knife to maintain a reassuring rigidity on all occasions. All hardware parts were made in stainless steel by TB OUTDOOR specifically for this knife.

A compendium of innovations

Another innovation, the Belt clip is reversible. Unlike belt clips which are generally screwed, the UNBOXER® clip is simply clipped onto the thickness of the knife. Simply pinch the Clip, remove it from its housing, position it on the other side of the knife or simply remove it to reposition it later. To our knowledge, this is a world first and we are very proud of the result. Like TB OUTDOOR products, the UNBOXER® is a compendium of precision mechanics and good ideas.


A pocket knife is a personal tool

Everyone expects something different from their operation. Some want a flexible opening and prefer a very free blade in its housing. Others, on the contrary, want a harder pivot that conveys a feeling of control and security. With the UNBOXER®, the choice is yours. The axis of the blade is adjustable with great finesse. Adjust the clamping force to your liking. Simply unscrew the locking screw, adjust the force you want on the axis of the blade by screwing / unscrewing the tightening wheel and replace the locking screw. Nothing's easier !

We gave the UNBOXER® the ability to open with one hand. What's more, the knife is ambidextrous. The lugs positioned judiciously on the top of the blade allow this opening in the simplest way possible.

All these refinements should not overshadow the essential…

All UNBOXER® are machined individually with machining centers, the blades are ground with the finest tolerances on numerically controlled machines and the cutting edges are made by robots after laser measurement of each blade to guarantee an optimal result. . The cutting edge, which measures only 4 microns, will allow you to carry out all daily tasks (opening boxes, hence the name UNBOXER®, DIY, picnics, or more demanding tasks.

Maintain your knife edge regularly with a sharpening steel or fine water stones and the UNBOXER® will give you satisfaction for as long as you want.

Unboxer® transparent handle not available for sale

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