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TB Outdoor

French manufacturing

With 5 centuries of history, the TB group has today become the French leader in cutlery. Requirement, mastery and technicality characterize its trademark. Its designers, engineers and technicians develop each specialized range with enthusiasm and precision.

Supplier to the French Army

Specializing in cutlery and supplier to the French army, Maison Tarrerias Bonjean has unique expertise in the creation of knives. The Bivouac then the Baroudeur until 2017 as well as the CAC in 2018 are endowed by the French Army for its soldiers.

Collaboration with a former special forces officer

Beyond a great meeting, his professional experience and his mastery of the field in an operational military context legitimize the products with relevance and accuracy. Seasoned user, product designer and expert in knives, his knowledge in this area today exceeds our most demanding expectations.

utilisé armées françaises