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Only the pair of KAKI color plates for replacement on the CAC version Cut strap + corkscrew.


You may have noticed that we offer two kinds of handles for our Outdoor knives. We made the wish to be able to offer you two qualities of handle.

What is the G10?

G10 consists of fiberglass which is dipped in resin. After compression and hardening by cooking of this mixture, the G10 is a light, durable and robust material. Outdoor and survival knives often offer G10 handles due to these characteristics.
The G10 is a very resistant material and not very sensitive to water, cold, heat, decay or corrosion. .

What is PA6 FV

PA6 is a polyamide, that is to say a technical thermoplastic. We have selected for our collection of Outdoor knives a PA6 FV that is to say that it is loaded with fiberglass. The fact of integrating glass fiber into the polyamide makes it possible to form a three-dimensional network of the skeleton of the part. The technical properties of PA6 FV are very similar to those of metals in terms of deformation, creep characteristics and energy absorption.

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