The Baroudeur - Black


Official campaign knife

This legendary knife took over the no less mythical Bivouac® knife. It was the official campaign knife of our soldiers from 2001 to 2017. If the Bivouac® is famous for its simplicity of construction and its patented system for fixing cutlery on both sides of the handle, this "Country knife", named for having followed our soldiers in all operational campaigns around the world, has a more robust construction. Its blade is locked by a precision machined Liner Lock. It still has the functions of the Bivouac®, a box opener and a tire plugs. The "Country Knife" is bowing out this year and will soon be replaced by the CAC®, who will not doubt it, will be as successful as the elite!

Marking the blade of my knife


Official knife of French soldiers between 2001 and 2017, the Baroudeur ® will succeed the Bivouac ®. It is the army through the SCA (Central Service of the Armed Forces) which formalized the aesthetics as well as the functions. TB has formatted these requests, proceeded to its mechanical development and its manufacture according to a specification of the most demanding.

The Baroudeur® is stronger than the Bivouac®, but also heavier. The cutlery is always delivered with the knife, but independently. The locking of the blade is no longer ensured by a pump system but thanks to a Liner-lock, whose reliability is ensured by a manufacturing using precision machining machines. Opening one hand is also possible ... for right-handers.

New generation emulsion machines and laser cutting machines enable large-scale manufacturing with increased consistency and reliability.


Data sheet

2,8 cm
Total Length
242 mm
Longueur Totale Ouvert Fermé
140 mm
192 gr
Poids produit avec accessoires
300 grs
Blade length
10 cm
1,7 cm
Handle length
14 cm

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