Fashioned by the tradition and know-how of high cutlery, TB has been manufacturing in Thiers (France) since 1648.
In 1996, TB began his collaboration with the French Army by developing tools for military use. The first product to meet these requirements is the Bivouac®.
Become legendary, this campaign knife will be part of the endowment of the soldier from 1996 to 2001.
The Baroudeur® will replace the Bivouac® for a period of 16 years until 2017.
In 2016, the PROTECTEUR®, a compact dagger with a symmetrical cutting edge, was developed and selected to equip the aircrew of ALAT (Light Aviation of the Army).
In 2018, the C.A.C® (Combat Assistance Campaign) developed in partnership with military expert Philippe PEROTTI took over from BAROUDEUR®. TARRERIAS-BONJEAN, (TB) was selected by the Ministry of Defense to provide the French Army with its new campaign knife. This closing knife has a robust and reliable mechanics in all circumstances. Each room benefits from all the contributions of current technology. There is no doubt that the CAC® will be a milestone in the long history of the knives that equipped our soldiers.


GDD is today 200 tons of steel stock to meet 250 annual projects, for a fleet of more than 100 CNC machines spread over 6 500 m² of workshops.

Different professions for specific skills

A design office, cutting and stamping parts using punch / die tools or with laser cutting, forging by pressing, quenching, tempering, annealing or annealing of stainless steel parts. Not to mention the hand-made or robotic polishing, assemblies, finishing, laser engraving, plastic injection and many other know-how.