C.A.C. Lame Damas - Limited editions - Twist

Livraison : 3 à 6 semaines

LE CAC® - Limited editions DAMASCUS blades

This exceptional knife is now available in a limited damask edition, 4 damask blades are available. The handles of the knives are equipped with a strap cutter and do not have a corkscrew.

Damascus blade - Twist stainless steel - 20 numbered copies available

Damascus blade - Ladder stainless steel - 20 numbered copies available

Damascus blade - Raindrop Carbon - 20 numbered copies available

Damascus blade - Carbon Lizzard - 12 numbered copies available

Weight: 195g
Blade length: 85mm
Total length closed:

Knife sold without Forks and without sheath.

Product available with different options

Damascus blades

Handmade stainless steel damask. The molecular structure of steel is very fine and has exceptional working characteristics. These Damascus steels are made of well known steels such as ATS-34, 440C, 154 CM, 19C27 and D2.

Damascus made by hand in carbon steel. The steels combined to make this product work very well together and provide great contrast after treatment with sulfuric acid. The steels used are C100 and 15N20.


Data sheet

Type Lame
Coupe Sangle
Tire Bouchon

c a c edition damas

je vient de recevoir ce magnifique couteau a lame damas twist inox quoi dire a part que je suis sous le charme tres bon travail de notre artisan francais un seul mot MAGNIFIQUE merci!

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