C.A.C. GIGN with cover

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This knife is a true concentrate of all the advanced technologies that one would expect from an operational knife.


The blade is made of Nitrox®, in smooth declination + tightening. The GIGN knife has a handle in black PA6 PA6, with strap cut and without corkscrew. The knife is delivered with its carrying case.

The CAC version currently supplied to the army, with blade and coyote handle marking is not available for sale.

You can now customize your blade with the text of your choice

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The CAC® is the third iteration of the "Country Knife" that Tarrerias-Bonjean designs and manufactures for the French army. Its uncompromising design, lightness and robustness make the CAC® an exceptional knife.

The special feature of the CAC blade is that it is made with a stainless steel doped with nitrogen, Nitrox® . ( Nitrox® - creation of our GDD factory. It is a nitrogen doped Z30 which would be similar to a Z50 DV14). This steel gives the blade a particularly high resistance to corrosion resistance, especially as the blade is coated with a PVD coating which further accentuates this resistance. The cutting capacity is also a strong point of this steel which combines flexibility and high resistance.

Much more technical and ambitious than its predecessors, the CAC® is TB's response to the demand expressed by the French army, namely, to design a robust knife, ambidextrous and whose opening as the closing is carried out with one hand.

To create this exceptional knife, Tarrerias-Bonjean collaborated with Phlippe PEROTTI, former special forces officer and expert in the handling of firearms and knives. His recognized experience has maximized the effectiveness of the knife's use in making the CAC® the ideal companion for our troops in all theaters of operations. By extension, the CAC® will be your companion in all your Outdoor activities.

TB has also integrated the secure locking mechanism of the blade by mobile axis into the CAC®. This mechanism is extremely robust and ensures flawless locking of the blade in the open position.

The CAC® has been officially selected in the face of many competing products, for its performance, quality and price by the French army in 2017. Its distribution in the various army corps began in early 2018 and will equip largely our soldiers at least until 2022.

Perfectly resistant to corrosion, the blade is made of Nitrox®, whose edge is smooth or mixed smooth + serrassions. The CAC® also has a window breaker, a corkscrew and a reversible belt clip. It is a true concentrate of all the advanced technologies that one would expect from an operational knife.

The handle consists of two polymer plates loaded with glass fibers. These plates are mechanically screwed in by stainless steel screws, one of which cleverly houses a strap cutter blade. This curved and interchangeable blade is designed to cut straps, ropes and seat belts to facilitate extraction in the event of an accident.

LE CAC® is available in Black and Neon Yellow which reacts violently to UV light in order to find it in harsh environments.

Many accessories are optional.

You may have noticed that we offer two kinds of handles for our Outdoor knives. We made the wish to be able to offer you two qualities of handle.

What is the G10?

The G10 consists of fiberglass which is dipped in resin. After compression and hardening by cooking of this mixture, the G10 is a light, durable and robust material. Outdoor and survival knives often offer G10 handles because of these characteristics.
The G10 is a very resistant material and not very sensitive to water, cold, heat, decay or corrosion. .

What is PA6 FV

PA6 is a polyamide, that is to say a technical thermoplastic. We have selected a PA6 FV for our collection of Outdoor knives, that is to say that it is loaded with fiberglass. The fact of integrating glass fiber into the polyamide makes it possible to form a three-dimensional network of the skeleton of the part. The technical properties of PA6 FV are very similar to those of metals in terms of deformation, creep characteristics and energy absorption.

Download and read the article in Support - Magazine of the French Armed Forces

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Data sheet

Total Length
238 mm
195 gr
Blade length
94 mm
3 mm
Type Lame
Angle d'affûtage
Coupe Sangle
Tire Bouchon