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THE CAC® Official Selection of the Army

This knife created in collaboration with Philippe Perotti is a concentrate of all the advanced technologies that can be expected from an operational knife.

Perfectly resistant to corrosion, the blade is made of Nitrox®, can be chosen in mixed version (smooth + serration) or Smooth. The knife has different versions, with or without strap cutter, with or without corkscrew in PA6 or G10 handle.

The knives are sold alone, in their technical box. Open port or open port cases and Forks spoon are available separately.

The version of C.A.C currently in the army, with blade mark and coyote handle is not available for sale

Strap cutter

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The CAC® is the third iteration of the "campaign knife" that Tarrerias-Bonjean designs and manufactures for the French army. Its uncompromising design, light weight and robustness make the CAC® an exceptional knife.

Much more technical and ambitious than its predecessors, the CAC® is TB's response to the demand expressed by the French army, namely, to design a rugged, ambidextrous knife whose opening and closing are made with one hand.

To create this exceptional knife, Tarrerias-Bonjean collaborated with Phlippe PEROTTI, former special forces and expert in the handling of firearms and knives. His proven experience has maximized the efficiency of knife use to make CAC® the ideal companion for our troops in all theaters of operations. By extension, the CAC® will be your companion in all your Outdoor activities. TB also wanted to work with the American manufacturer Benchmade® to integrate the Axis lock® locking mechanism with the CAC®. This mechanism is extremely robust and ensures flawless blade locking in the open position.

The CAC® has been officially selected in the face of numerous competing products, for its performance, quality and price by the French army in 2017. Its distribution in the different corps of the army started in early 2018 and will equip our soldiers at least until 2022.

Perfectly resistant to corrosion, the blade is made of Nitrox®, whose edge is smooth or mixed smooth + serrassions. The CAC® also has a window breaker, a corkscrew and a reversible belt clip. It's a real concentrate of all the advanced technologies that can be expected from an operational knife.

The handle consists of two fiberglass-filled polymer pads. These inserts are screwed mechanically by stainless steel screws, one of which cleverly houses a strap cutter blade. This curved and interchangeable blade is designed to cut straps, ropes and seatbelts to aid extraction in the event of an accident.

CAC® is available in Black and Fluorescent Yellow that reacts violently with UV light to find it in harsh environments.

Many accessories are available as options.

The CAC® comes in a beautiful technical box.

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Data sheet

3 mm
195 gr
Blade length
94 mm
Total Length
238 mm

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Très beau couteau

Reçu en seulement 3 jours malgré un jour férié au milieu et le gravage de la lame. <br /> Pour en revenir au couteau il est très bien présenter dans une jolie boîte et bien protégé vraiment pas déçue du tout.


Excellent !!!

Super qualité pour ce couteau : le mécanisme de la lame ne souffre d'aucun jeu, la lame en position ouverte est extrêmement bien verrouillée et elle respire la solidité. Le couple sangle est très efficace. Un véritable saut technologique par rapport à ses prédécesseurs. Je recommande donc. En option je conseille de prendre la fourchette/cuillère et l'étui molle.

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Couteau de très bonne qualité et plaisant au regard et au doigter,<br /> avec un bon système d'ouverture.<br /> <br /> Petit bémol sur le revêtement PVD qui présente quelques petites "tâches" où il en manque, surement dû à des éclats de métal chaud l'ayant atteint.<br /> <br /> Ce petit détail m'importe uniquement car j'ai offert ce couteau en cadeau.<br />

  • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

Livraison rapide - Produit efficace

Bien reçu le couteau. Lame cope parfaitement. Manque un étui pour port. Système de fermeture fluide.

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