Foldable diamond sharpening steel

Livraison : 1 à 3 semaines

An extremely effective TB Groupe knife accessory

This impressive knife accessory allows you to efficiently sharpen the blades of your knives and maintain their razor-sharp cutting edge. This sharpening steel can be used on all of your knife blades, even the very hard blades of pocketknives. This is a double sided sharpening steel. One side has a coarse grain (# 360) that should be used first to smooth and realign the blade’s cutting edge. The other side has a fine grain (# 600) that allows you to finish honing your blade for a perfectly sharp cutting edge.


For best results, we recommend following the cutting edge angle of the original blade. We also advise you to sharpen your blade under a thin stream of running water to remove deposits during the sharpening process. Rinse and then dry your folded diary sharpener before storing.

2-sided sharpener effective to remake a perfect edge on all your knife blades First face intended to make a rough sketch with a large grain (# 360) Second face to finish the job with a fine grain (# 600) for a perfect result

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