Etui Tactique Kydex Molle - Protecteur

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Coming from a collaboration with Hamard Tactical Technologies and TRB Holsters we are proud to offer you this product with outstanding features. Providers of the most demanding users of the Army, trainers in combat sports, shooting or close protection, contractors, special intervention units, the plainclothes police or the gendarmerie, it is for you guarantee the seriousness of the formatting of this product. They are moreover 100% "Made in France" .This Kydex case is ultra thin, and very light. Very comfortable to wear, it keeps the knife in place very efficiently with excellent retention strength. Our kydex cases are perfectly rot-proof and resistant to chemical agents. They clean quickly and easily with water.

Each case comes with:

2 Molle Lock® + stainless steel hardware, which allows belt and soft-platform wearing. Perfect operation whatever the weather conditions (hot / cold), the lock is particularly robust and reliable. Only an action on the push button will open the Molle Lock®.