Dual use: Survival and combat.


The Avenger allows you to get out of a vehicle in distress. The tightening on the blade makes it possible to cut safety straps, the glass breaker of a consequent power (composed of a ball in tungsten carbide of 4 mm), makes it possible to overcome easily large thicknesses of glass or plexiglass . (it has been studied for the extraction of a helicopter shell)

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The blade of the Avenger knife:

The blade developed for the Avenger is of the military type. It is reinforced with a thickness of 4mm in highly alloyed MOX steel and coated with anti-reflective and scratch-resistant black PVD. A hard blade gives a precise and extremely durable cut. That of the Vengeur® is measured at 58Hrc and its cut made by robot is razor-sharp. The blade has a double-sided sharpening, straight on both sides and on two different planes.

The Tanto shape originates from Japanese swords of antiquity. It allows maximum penetration while maintaining excellent rigidity without the fragility of a traditional tip.

The micro-toothing cut into the blade over 3.7 cm makes it possible to cut thick straps. Second originality of the blade, we wanted to keep a smooth edge with a length of 1.5 cm near the guard of the knife in order to allow precision work on small objects (wood cutting).


The handle of the Vengeur® military knife:

The handle is a concentrate of originalities:

- It is comfortable,
- almost indestructible,
- equipped with a window breaker which unscrews and reveals a “firesteel” screwed into the cavity of the handle,
- the direction of use is identifiable by touch
- non-slip,
- non-electrical conductor,
- resistant to most chemicals,

Both sides of the handle are identifiable. The disbursement which allows the positioning of the thumb (mainly for combat) is given a different texture depending on the direction of the knife. Completely designed for ambidextrous carrying, the sensation of the texture present on the disbursement allows the user to know which way the knife is oriented even in total darkness.

The handle is equipped with a female pressure on each side. Intended to receive the male part fixed on the case, it provides absolute security allowing Vengeur® and its Kydex case to be joined inseparably. Thumb pressure exerted under the pressure of the sheath disengages the safety and releases the knife. It is impossible for an attacker to turn against the Vengeur® wearer and free him from his holster. This innovation is really a point that led to the design of this extraordinary knife.


Integrated window breaker and fire starter

Positioned at the bottom of the handle, the window breaker is extremely substantial.
The 4mm diameter Tungsten Carbide ball is firmly set in a machined and perforated part to allow passage for a rope which can also be passed through one of the holes at the front of the handle.
Unscrewed, the window breaker reveals an extremely effective fire starter that can be activated with the back of the blade on its notched part.


The Avenger's case and its accessories.

The Kydex sheath is shaped to accommodate the knife in both directions (right-handed or left-handed). On the Kydex sheath, a pointed cavity allows water to drain with the draining point. Delivered with a belt loop fitted as standard and easily removable via two screws and a spacer (rubber spacer). Vengeur® is delivered with a large number of accessories:

- Kydex sheath
- Belt loop
- Molle loop with screws
- Double-sided diamond sharpener
- Kydex pouch for sharpener
- Tac Clip® for express attachment
- Carrying case



1. Smooth cut and toothed section - Tanto-shaped blade (strong penetration)
2. Ergonomic grip
3. Pressure for attachment to the case
4. Double drilling for the passage of a wrist strap
5. Hole for halyard or strap
6. Fire starter
7. Window breaker (carbide ball)
8. Grip for firelighter use



Regularly maintain the edge of your blade before it becomes too damaged. Maintain factory-set sharpening angles that ensure efficient cutting. There are a variety of products available for sharpening your knife. Choose the one you are most comfortable with to carry out this operation. It is possible to reform the serrations with a diamond file. However, given the hardness of steel, it is likely that you will never have to do this.