survival knife

The Commander

The Commander® is a dagger whose only function is cutting and it has exceptional efficiency.

Kydex case

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The blade

Its blade is made of Alenox® steel with a thickness of 3.00mm, durable and extremely resistant to corrosion (Cr18% minimum). “Stone-washed” polishing, with its raw aesthetic, eradicates any parasitic reflection.
The cutting is carried out by extremely precise robots. Each blade is measured using a laser in real time, digitized and the robot compensates for each of these micro variations to obtain a true razor cut.

Commandeur® finds its full potential in outdoor activities, hunting, fishing, and camping.



Two versions of extra matte black machined G10 handles are available for this model: A finely textured, almost smooth version and a second toxified to reveal very marked patterns. A third iteration of Commander® is available. It has magnificent Ziricote ribs (very veined precious wood from Central America). This neck is absolutely spectacular!



1. Versatile razor cut
2. Hole for halyard or strap
3. Grip for use as a fire starter and “thumb block”



Regularly maintain the edge of your blade before it becomes too damaged. Maintain factory-set sharpening angles that ensure efficient cutting. There are a variety of products available for sharpening your knife. Choose the one you are most comfortable with to carry out this operation.